Make 2015 an Organic Year in 4 Steps

Living organic is not only good for your health, but good for our planet too. With less toxins and chemicals in our food, you will eat healthier, feel healthier, and know that you are making a positive impact for our environment. Here are four easy steps you can start in 2015!



Choose food that are grown without chemicals and pesticides. Read the labels and make it a habit of eating fresh whole foods, not processed foods. Harmful pesticides in food is not just unhealthy for you but also for the soil. Eventually these toxins will end up in our groundwater and streams and contaminate our food supply. Choose to grow your own vegetables and herbs without using fertilizers and sprays. Also, choose to go meatless one day a week. Some meat and dairy products contain synthetic hormones that have negative effects on your health. (


Be aware that manufacturers use harsh chemicals in common household cleaning products. Instead, choose to make your own cleaners with simple ingredients you already have at home.


Many natural products clean just as well, and they are inexpensive. Four of the best natural cleaning products are vinegar, salt, baking soda and borax. You probably already have some or all of these in your cupboards. A paste of baking soda and water cleans counter tops and greasy pans, as well as bathtubs and sinks. Vinegar added to the laundry rinse water naturally softens your clothes.



Make lifestyle changes by supporting certified organic companies that promote earth-friendly products.


Organicpedic Terra Euro Top mattress and foundation by OMI Mattress

Unlike conventional mattresses that are made primarily of man-made materials, organic mattresses are derived from natural materials such as cruelty-free Eco-Wool™certified organic cotton, and 100% natural rubber latex. All are renewable, biodegradable resources that are grown, processed, and manufactured without toxic chemicals.



source: OMI Mattress

There are a lot of companies that have outrageous claims to be  “organic” and “green.” Don’t be fooled. Always check labels and research manufacturers that have been independently tested with third-party certification to verify their claims.

Official Certifications by OMI.

Official Certifications by OMI Mattress.

For more information and tips on living organic:

What steps can you take today to live organic in 2015? Share your comments with us.

Written by Terri Dux, copywriter/graphic artist for C. S. Wo & Sons, parent company of SlumberWorld.

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