Introducing Simmons’ New Beautyrest Silver


When you hear the word silver, what pops into your head first?

Immediately, I think jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants. Never would I hear the word silver and think about my bed.

Simmons Beautyrest is changing the way we think about silver.

Did you know that silver is a natural anti-microbial? Simmons Beautyrest Silver has new DualCool technology fiber- this soft, willowy fiber is enhanced with silver to prevent stains, odor, and mildew growth that may be caused by bacteria.


Yes, bacteria. We all sweat and lose dead skin cells at night while sleeping. The average person loses half a liter of fluid every night, and on average, we spend one third of our lives in our bed. I know I don’t want to be snuggled up in my warm cozy bed… filled with bacteria! Beautyrest Silver was designed to protect our sacred sleep area from these disturbing bacteria. Their DualCool technology fiber is also enhanced with silver to help pull away heat and moisture from the surface of the mattress.

The next layer of AirCool gel memory foam is an open cell memory foam that will provide pressure relief and reduce motion transfer from your partner next to you, while giving you a comfortable sleeping temperature. The Silver also has GelTouch foam, which is a soft gel foam that will provide comfort with a contouring surface to help soothe and relax you.


All of these layers are paired with Simmons pocketed coil technology. Hundreds of individually wrapped coils help to reduce motion transfer from your partner, allowing the coils to adjust to your weight and contour to your body. The Silver gives you an energized sleep for a restored you, and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

This mattress takes comfort to a whole new level. Find your way down to your local SlumberWorld, where one of our professional bedding specialists can help you find the perfect Beautyrest Silver for you. We are here to get you the best night’s sleep ever!


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