Advancement of Sleep Technology

I love it when famous products come out with their “new and improved” versions.

For example: Diet Coke – Diet Coke Lime. Original Wheat Thins – Wheat Thins Honey Mustard!

It’s totally what I believe: “You should never stop improving.”


Tempur-Pedic Cloud

Just like the bedding industry, which has been around for years, they are ALWAYS reinventing themselves. With today’s innovative sleep technology, there is always room for improvement.

This year, Tempur-Pedic, famous for their TEMPUR material designed for NASA, introduced EasyRefresh™, a patented, wear-tested cover that zips on and off for washing or replacement. 94% of all Tempur-Pedic owners say they love their mattress so this upgrade takes Tempur-Pedic to the next level.


ComforPedic IQ by Beautyrest



No buttons or motors needed for ComforPedic IQ™ by Beautyrest. The revolutionary, patented Smart Response™ Technology features 16 internal chambers that naturally adapt to your body while sleeping. Helps you to fall asleep faster and experience increased REM sleep, feeling rejuvenated in the morning.





Technogel takes sleep comfort up a notch with its gel-infused technology. Toted as the most adaptive and flexible material to follow your natural body movement during sleep, resulting in the most advance sleep experience of your life. High thermal conductivity wicks away heat from your body helping you stay comfortably cool and dry.



iComfort by Serta

Also using gel-infused technology, Serta introduces Cool Action™ Dual Effect® Gel Memory Foam, the latest breakthrough in gel memory foam technology into their iComfort Sleep System. The dual effect is two gel foams: one for temperature regulation and the second for extra support. You’ll feel the difference the moment you lie down.

How old is your mattress? You upgrade your mobile device so why not the place you spend a third of your life. Talk to a Bedding Specialist today at SlumberWorld.


Written by Terri Dux, copywriter/graphic artist for C. S. Wo & Sons, parent company of SlumberWorld.


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