The Power of Catnaps by Ollie the Cat

“Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.”
Barbara Jordan
Leader of the Civil Rights Movement

catOne of the problems with humans is how much time they spend running here and there. They rush off to work in the early morning hours. They complain about the cost of gas and the wasted time spent in traffic. They are tired all the time, yet they spend 8 hours at work drinking coffee and sodas to stay awake. They come home, rush through dinner, chat on their cellphones, and then lumber off to bed. Six hours later, they do it all over again.


What humans really need is to wake-up to catnaps. According to recent studies, catnaps (short naps during the day) are linked with increased productivity and happiness. Researchers say that “a mid-afternoon nap can help with depression, dullness, and lack of clarity.”

According to Sara Mednick, PhD, sleep medicine researcher and author of Take a nap! Change Your Life, a nap will also:

– Reverse aging
– Accelerate the ability to perform motor tasks
– Enhance how the body utilizes carbs
– Minimize stress hormones
– Alleviate migraines

See, there’s a lot of power in a simple catnap. Here are a few tips to get you started.
Keep naps under 45 minutes to avoid grogginess
Best time to nap is between 1 and 3PM
A 30-minute nap improves memory and physical health
A 20-minute nap revitalizes and helps to sharpen the senses
A10-minute nap helps to uplift mood and fends-off afternoon energy slumps

To learn more: 

Do you catnap? What changes can you make today for a better tomorrow? Share them with me, a professional sleep expert. What’s good for the cat, is good for you.


About Ollie
Ollie is a 1-year-old SIamese/Hymalaian who currently lives with his family on Maui. Ollie loves his belly scratched and cat treats, which explains his hearty 18-pounds of feline. When not sleeping in his owner’s bed at night, you can find Ollie lounging comfortably on a leather computer chair.

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