What You Should Know Before Buying a Bed

” I do love my shopping, but actually, lounging is the big thing.”
Delta Burke

Here. Here.

Lucky for me, cats don’t shop. Everything I need is presented to me for my approval. And if I like it, I eat it. My ancestors may have been hunters. But I prefer delivery over pouncing.

But you humans are definitely hunters, I mean shoppers. In 2010, Americans spent more than $5.8 billion just in mattresses and boxsprings alone (http://greatist.com/happiness/how-pick-perfect-mattress). With so many people shopping for the perfect bed, here’s a few quick tips you should know BEFORE you step into a bedding store.


1. Do your homework! Before you leave home, know the answers to the following questions:
How old is my current bed? 
What brand is it?
How does my current bed feel? Is it firm or soft?
What is the height of my bed?
The more you know your bed, the better your salesperson can assist you in finding the bed that’s right for you. Buying a bed is an important purchase for comfort and well-being. You want to be sure you make an informed decision by knowing the answers to the above questions BEFORE entering a bedding stores.

2. Dress appropriately. Shopping for a bed means lying down. Wear clothes that you can comfortably lie down in your sleeping position to test each bed. Also wear shoes that can slip off easily.

3. Allow yourself time to shop. You don’t want to rush when you’re selecting your bed. It’s an important decision, so allow yourself ample time to find the bed that is perfect for you.

3. If you sleep with a partner, you need to shop for the bed together. Finding the perfect bed is a personal decision that you both have to test together to make an informed decision.

4. Remember to have an open mind. You’re not just shopping for a bed. You are shopping for a better night’s sleep. Take the time to look around, test different beds, and ask questions. With today’s advance technology, there’s a lot of options with many brand name beds to get that good night’s sleep you deserve.

5. Do research. Fortunately, there is a plethora of information available online. You can start with our website but also feel free to check our vendors’ sites too.

Are you ready for your good night’s sleep? Was this article helpful? Let us know and feel free to send us your tips to help improve your shopping experience.

Prrrr… Until next time,


Special thanks to Mary Racca-Ventura for her valuable assistance in this post.


About Ollie
Ollie is a 1-year-old SIamese/Hymalaian who currently lives with his family on Maui. Ollie loves his belly scratched and cat treats, which explains his hearty 18-pounds of feline. When not sleeping in his owner’s bed at night, you can find Ollie lounging comfortably on a leather computer chair.

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