Healthy Summer Treats

Here in Hawaii, you could say we enjoy the season of summer all year. We can enjoy activities like hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, and more. But how do we stay hydrated and keep cool?  With fresh local fruits like ice cold mango, chilled coconut, and lychee we have a wonderful selection of fresh treats. But sometimes, we want something colder, readily available in our freezer ready to serve to guests. We’ve curated some fresh fruit ice pop recipes that we can’t wait to try at home. Not only can these treats be healthy, but adults and kiddos will think you’re an absolute super star for having these on hand.

Watermelon and whole fruit 

Pineapple, Orange, and Banana

Watermelon and Kiwi

 Roasted strawberry and toasted coconut

Avocado and matcha tea

Do you make your own healthy frozen treats? Please share them with us in the comments below.

tarynAbout Taryn Kabei

When not working as the Digital Media Specialist for C. S. Wo & Sons, Taryn, an avid foodie is always cooking and trying new recipes. Taryn lives with her husband, Kevin, and their cat, Keiko in Honolulu. Taryn is also a contributor on

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