This Mothers Day: Do Something Different!

My mother was my first idol. One of my favorite memories of my mother is of her as a ballerina. I remember going to watch her at one of her recitals at our local theater. mom campingShe and her partner danced to Richard Marx “Right Here Waiting.” I sat in my seat at 4 or 5 years old watching her spin and move across the dance floor so vibrantly and gracefully that at that very moment I couldn’t think of anything in the world more perfect than her.  Even though I wasn’t nearly as graceful, there were a couple times where we actually performed together. Both on stage, in white toga like dresses with matching flowers in our hair.

My mother has always been my biggest fan. I was definitely not your average kid. My first obsession I could remember was with brain coral. Something about the wrinkles on its surface fascinated me. Even though she probably thought it was a little odd, she would always take me to the public library so I could sit there for hours pondering their wonder. When I grew older, and my fascination transitioned from brain coral to whales, we went to whale watches so I could see them in person and watch them leap out of the ocean. When I wanted desperately to get on mom xmasAmericas Funniest Home Videos, she would spend endless hours taping my crazy home movies. Probably one of the craziest obsessions I went through was surfing. I would draw pictures of waves and surf brands all over my notebooks even though I really only tried it a couple times. Somehow though, I ended up with a surfboard.  I must admit it probably never touched the ocean! No matter what it was, my mother was always behind me cheering me on.

My mother is genuine. She is always putting others before herself. She has been a tremendous help with raising the twins and teaching me how to be a good mother myself. She helped us change our first diapers, was there as the kids took their first steps. She will even take the kids on little sleepovers to make sure my husband and I get some time to ourselves. Group Beach PicFor all of these little things and more, I am forever thankful.

This Mother’s Day, it is the perfect time to say thank you to your biggest fan. This year, try something new. Give the gift of GOOD SLEEP. Treat your mom to a new mattress! It will be an amazing gift she most likely will never expect, but yet is a complete life changer. Candy, perfume, and flowers are all great gifts, but only last for a short amount of time. A mattress is a gift that will keep on making mom smile for years and years to come. If it sounds a little over the budget, you can always start with a new pillow or mattress topper!

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing moms out there!!




Jenna KagawaJenna Kagawa is a Bedding Specialist at SlumberWorld in Kailua Kona. She is the happy mother of twins, Hali’a and Makoa. When not busy finding clients the perfect mattress or chasing her little ones – Jenna enjoys making jewelry, reading, shell collecting, and eating really good food! She is a total social media addict and loves photographing life.

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