Are you on path for #7days4bettersleep?

Every year, the nation celebrates Sleep Awareness Week with the last day marking the beginning of daylight savings time. It’s a helpful reminder to “spring forward” by moving your clock forward an hour.


Luckily, Hawaii and Arizona do not participate in daylight savings time so there is no need to adjust our clocks. But we can still reap the benefits of Sleep Awareness Week March 6th-13th, a celebration to raise awareness for the importance of sleep and its many health benefits.

“Sleep is essential to a healthy, productive life,” says David Cloud, National Sleep Foundation CEO. “NSF’s #7Days4BetterSleep will help the public prepare for the unavoidable change to their schedule with seven daily tips to improve sleep. Everyone should take our Sleep Awareness Week pledge to prioritize sleep in their daily lives.”

We hope that everyone made the commitment to make this week, your #7Days4BetterSleep and make sleep a priority! Read our sleep tips and get on the right path for better sleep today.

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