Sleep Scents

Life is hectic. Spouses, children, friends, careers, extra-curricular activities, and the list goes on! When it’s time to get the shut eye you need, sometimes it can be difficult to turn off all the chaos and get some sleep. Some people count sheep, others take medicine, or meditate. But I have good news! There’s an alternative to the endless counting of wooly animals to help you fall asleep. That alternative is sleep scents! Studies have shown that odors have significant effects on the nervous system and that certain scents increase your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without the use of medication, or counting those 519 sheep! Let’s take a look at some scents that can help you fall into a sweet slumber.



Lavender is probably one of the most popular scents used in traditional aroma therapy. Through generations of folk medicine as well as in present day studies, it has been recognized as an effective sleep aid.  Lavender’s scent promotes calmness and relaxation, which are key to falling asleep!  A study by Dr. Goel from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, showed that after smelling Lavender essential oil before bed, participants experienced an increased amount of time spent in slow-wave sleep, the restful and restorative sleep phase.

To experience the lure of Lavender, try adding a few drops of a Lavender essential oil to a warm, bedtime bath. Or get creative and stick a sachet of Lavender under your pillow to enjoy it throughout the night.



Along with Lavender, Chamomile is a popular choice for night time aromatherapy to help in the sleeping process.  Chamomile is mainly known for its ability to promote relaxation and ease tension of both the mind and body.  It is also considered a natural sedative, which is great in helping you achieve that well deserved night time slumber!

Enjoy the aroma while sipping a warm cup of Chamomile tea half an hour before bed to prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep.  You could even get an aromatherapy diffuser and place a few drops of Chamomile essential oil to enjoy the scent all night.



Historically, Jasmine has been prized for its calming, sedative effect, which was used to treat depression, stress, and anxiety.  Today, Jasmine’s sleep-enticing effects have been the object of sleep studies. Researchers have found that smelling the scent of Jasmine led to a deeper sleep, while participants reported an increase in the amount of alertness throughout the following day.  Not only does Jasmine help you fall asleep, it keeps you in a deep sleep that helps you feel refreshed and alert the next day.

Try applying a Jasmine scented lotion before bed, or add a few drops of jasmine essential oil in a spray bottle and mix it with distilled water to make your own bed linen spray.



Not just for the kitchen, Vanilla has also been recognized for its soothing qualities. It helps you to feel a sense of comfort (maybe because it reminds you of grandma’s sweet treats?) which in turn helps you to relax – the main step in falling asleep!

Put on some Vanilla lotion before going to bed or add a few drops of vanilla oil to your nighttime bath.

Now that you know which scents will help you fall asleep and stay asleep, think about changing up your bedtime routine! Take out the counting sheep ritual and add in a warm bath with some Lavender oil.  Enjoy some hot Chamomile tea half an hour before bed to experience some relaxing aromatherapy. Sprits home-made Jasmine spray all over your linens to help you achieve that deep slumber.  Life can be crazy at times, but a good night’s rest with these scents will ensure that you enjoy everything life has to offer!

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