The Silliest Places People Have Fallen Asleep

Have you ever been so tired you thought you might just fall asleep right where you were? I’m sure we all have experienced that exhaustion at some point in our lives, but these individuals take snoozing to a whole different level. Let’s take a look at some of the silliest places people have slept!


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Asleep on a seesaw. No it’s not your toddler who missed his naptime because he wanted to play on this playground novelty. Instead, it’s a very tired man who curled up for a quick shut eye, which probably turned into a full blown nap by the looks of it!


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Asleep on some fruit. Sometimes you have a rough day, and you just need a power nap. What’s better than sleeping on the ground? Apparently, sleeping on some freshly picked papayas was the choice of the day for this hard worker!


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Asleep on a two by four.  Who needs an adjustable base when you can just grab a spare piece of wood and angle it onto your tires? These guys take napping to another level (pun intended) by finding a way to snooze on an inclined two by four.


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Asleep on the loo. Not much to say here except that he tried! Looks like he was prepared for a long night seeing as though he had two pillows tucked on the side of the toilet. It doesn’t look like it was much help for this poor soul. I bet he had some aches and pains the next day!

Scientists have found that when our bodies do not receive at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, we are more likely to need a nap, or engage in micro-sleeping while doing something (like preparing a report). As we can see, these examples show that sometimes, you just can’t help where you end up falling asleep. So, if you’re going to doze off for a few minutes, just be sure it’s comfortable and safe. Happy sleeping!

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