Week 2: Exercise, Mood, and Energy

This post is part 3 of a journey for better health. If you missed part 1 and 2, click here.

Week two has turned out to be a challenging week. I still miss my morning cappuccino dearly. I am also disappointed that I still have the occasional nausea associated with acid reflux. According to the book, “It Starts With Food,” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, it can be a tough week for some.

We know this part isn’t fun, but ride it out. It gets better quickly, we promise, and once your digestive tract has healed, it will be happier – and healthier – than it has been in years. (“It Starts With Food”, page 214)


IMG_3606I’m in my second year of wearing a fitness tracker, so walking is part of my everyday routine. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can also use your smart phone to track your steps. I highly recommend using a tracker because it is a daily reminder to get up and move. Walking 10,000 steps a day is an achievable goal and fairly simple to do if you are active. I spent most of my days on a computer so I try to walk during my lunch and after work.


I can’t say that my mood has improved. If anything, not having my cappuccino has made me feel edgy. Also, because I’m still having health challenges, it’s very disappointing that my condition has not cleared although there is marked improvement.


I don’t seem as tired all the time as I used to be. I used to be a napper, having to take 1-hour naps two to four times a week. I haven’t napped yet. And I can tell when I haven’t had enough protein, because my body gets fatigued.


Health Summary

Changing my diet has made me more focused in listening to my body. I’m still facing health issues with the nausea and acid reflux. But because I’ve simplified what I am eating, I am now looking to what foods may be triggering my discomfort.

Follow my journey on the path to better health. Next week: weight, sleep, overall health



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