What Your Sleeping Position Says about YOU

As humans, we all have one thing we all have in common. When it’s time for bed we will most always assume the same position. Whether it’s all curled up in a tight ball, to arms and legs sprawled all over the entire mattress – that one position provides a routine of comfort and prepares us for an evening of rest and relaxation. As a Bedding Specialist, one of the first questions I always ask when first meeting a customer is Do you sleep on your back? Your side? Stomach? All of the above? This plays a large part in the type of mattress I will recommend for that person.

  • Side sleepers need a mattress that gives enough at the hips and shoulders to avoid uncomfortable pressure points, but rises enough to keep your spine in natural alignment.
  • For a back sleeper, too soft of a mattress will cause a hammock effect, causing the spine to curve downwards.
  • Stomach sleepers also need to find that right balance between enough cushioning for comfort, but also the right amount of support to prevent sprawling forward.

Ever wondered what your sleeping position says about your personality? Here are eight common sleeping positions and how they correlate with character.


The twins favorite sleeping position is the iPad to the face!

Fetal position: Fetal sleepers roll to one side, and sleep with their legs curled up. This type of sleeping can symbolize having a very tough exterior but shy and sensitive on the inside.

The Yearner: Yearning sleepers are also side sleepers, but have their arms stretched out in front of them. Yearners are open with people, are warm and inviting, but also very cynical and suspicious of others. Slow at making decisions but when they do make up their mind they will stick to the plan.

The Log: Log sleepers also gravitate to their side, with legs extended, arms at side. They are very sociable and trusting which sometimes leads to being rather gullible.

The Soldier: This position entails sleeps on back with arms straight at both sides. Solider sleepers are very serious and structured individuals that tend to take things seriously and expect a lot from those around them.

The Free Fall: Free Fall sleepers rest on their stomachs with their head turned to either side, and hands near the pillow. They are sociable individuals that can be brash at times. They are often free spirited, but secretly self-conscious on the inside and are sensitive to others opinions.

The Starfish:  Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with the arms spread out and bent by the head with their legs stretched out. They are loyal friends, and friends are huge priorities in their life. Starfish sleepers love being problem solvers for friends and go out their way to help others.

Soldier Starfish: Soldier Starfish sleepers are back sleepers that do not have the rigidity of a soldier or sprawled out like a starfish. They have a flexible attitude and are go with the flow by nature. They also tend to be easily persuaded by others. I am totally one of these! This description scarily matches my personality too!

The Pillow Hugger: Pillow huggers are always cuddling with a pillow. This can represent a need for bonding in life in terms of friends, family and relationships. Pillow huggers can also be people pleasers who tend to always try and help others instead of themselves. Growing up my mom always slept with a pillow between her legs. When I would ask her why, she said she started it during pregnancy to make her feel more comfortable and after she gave birth she just couldn’t give it up! Sure enough, when I was pregnant with the twins, the only thing that could help me sleep comfortably was the leg pillow! I did end up kicking the habit soon after the twin’s birth. But maybe that was mainly because at that point I wasn’t sleeping at all!


Lili sleeps is a starfish sleeper, and Makoa is a Yearner!

No matter what position you decide to curl into to turn in for the night, sleeping in an uncomfortable position can cause a day full of discomfort and crankiness! I’ve learned Its always best to find the position that gets you to sleep the fastest and helps keep you asleep the longest!


Jenna KagawaJenna Kagawa is a Bedding Specialist at SlumberWorld in Kailua Kona. She is the happy mother of twins, Hali’a and Makoa. When not busy finding clients the perfect mattress or chasing her little ones – Jenna enjoys making jewelry, reading, shell collecting, and eating really good food! She is a total social media addict and loves photographing life.

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