Why aren’t mattresses made to flip over anymore?

Time and time again I get asked the question “Why don’t they make mattresses double-sided anymore?” Well, we’ve all had a mattress at one point in our lives that were double-sided. I was personally still sleeping on one until a few weeks ago! Whether it’s someone shopping for a new mattress for the first time in 15 years, or someone who isn’t content with their one sided mattress, I constantly receive this common inquiry. My answer? The technology behind the one-sided mattress is hands down better than any two-sided mattress could be. Let me tell you why!

In the mid-18th century, mattresses with a cloth cover and cotton fillings were introduced. Next, iron and steel replaced timber frames in the 19th century. All the way until the 20th century, mattresses were made double-sided with the idea that a mattress would have a longer life span. This indeed was true… to an extent! Double-sided mattresses were designed to have even weight distribution on both sides of the mattress – that is IF you followed the schedule for flipping them. However, these mattresses were very heavy and not many people followed the schedule detailed on their warranty card. I mean who would want to be flipping a hundred-something pound mattress every four months anyway? (I sure didn’t!) The end outcome was an uneven and lumpy surface, which resulted in discomfort and frequent warranty claims. This was a problem for both consumers and manufacturers.

So what did manufacturers do about it? Since most people were not flipping and rotating their mattresses regularly, a mattress manufacturer Simmons introduced the one-sided mattress in 2000. From there, just about every mattress manufacturer followed suit, which brings us to the amazing technology of the one-sided mattress!

Let’s look at the benefits of a one sided mattress:

  • The days of flipping your mattress are over! No more straining your hardworking muscles, or asking for a neighbor’s help (as I have done once or twice)! One-sided mattresses are made to last 8-10 years without having to rotate or flip. You won’t have to lift a finger! Purchasing a high quality mattress with a great warranty will definitely last you the 8-10 years. However the lower the quality, the less life the mattress will have, so be sure to speak to a Bedding Specialist prior to purchasing.
  • No more warped mattresses! The quality of materials in a one-sided mattresses are made to reduce body impressions.
  • Reduced motion transfer. You will no longer feel your sleep partner turn over and move around. Which, in my situation, would keep me from waking my boyfriend up in the middle of the night because of my tossing and turning to get comfortable!  (He was never very fond of that!)
  • The technology in mattresses today are so much more complex than those of the past. When breaking down each section of a mattress, there are layers upon layers of technology strategically placed to provide comfort and support. These are two key qualities everyone needs to achieve a restful sleep. For example, let’s take a look at a breakdown of the new Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid series. hybrid
  • There are 6 different layers that all work together.
    1. Pocketed coils
    2. AirCool Memory Foam
    3. Evenloft Panel
    4. AirCool Gel Memory Foam
    5. AirCool Max Memory Foam
    6. AirCool Beauty Edge Foam

Now, let’s compare the one-sided Beautyrest Hybrid to an older double sided mattress: double sided mattress inside view

  • Same layers on each side of the bed
  • No room for foam or cooling agents.
  • It would have to be firm in order to keep its shape and be able to flip and feel the same on the other side after applying 150+ lbs of pressure every night.

So in the rare instance that someone asks you “Why can’t mattresses flip over anymore?” you’ll be confident in your reasons why. You’ll be able to tell them that a one-sided mattress is  made to last for about 10 years without having to be flipped or rotated. They also come in a variety of different comfort levels that double sided mattresses couldn’t even compare to! You will no longer deal with a warped mattress because the materials used in a high quality one-sided mattress keeps it’s shape. Lastly, you will never wake up again in the middle of the night because your sleep partner is tossing and turning. With all the different developments in the mattress industry, double-sided mattresses are a thing of the past, while single-sided mattresses are now progressing and advancing to provide the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

kellie edit

Kellie Ancheta is a Bedding Specialist at SlumberWorld Hilo.  Born and raised in Hilo, she decided to stay and raise her now five-year-old daughter in her hometown.  Kellie also loves fashion, technology, and good food, and hopes to travel the world to experience the two in all different kinds of settings. Here at SlumberWorld, she takes pride in being able to assist each and every client with finding a suitable mattress for that perfect slumber every night.

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